Perth Quality Caravans

We take pride in the strength, security and quality of every caravan we sell. All our caravans are manufactured in Australia using high quality materials and undergo rigorous quality assurance examination throughout manufacture to ensure they meet our stringent requirements. 

All caravans are manufactured to customer order ensuring you receive the latest designs and technology.

Perth Quality Caravans is the exclusive distributor of Hilltop Caravans in Western Australia.

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P: +61 8 9220 4468

Why Choose Us?


We are the sole WA distributors for Hilltop Caravans which are proudly manufactured in Australia, ensuring you get the highest quality components, parts, materials and assembly.
Hilltop Caravans are built on FP Chassis. FP Chassis has been operating for over 15 years and is also a fully family owned business the same as Hilltop. Hilltop and FP Chassis work very closely to enhance the quality of the final product and will make further engineering modifications to increase the safety and the standard of the final product.


We offer an extensive range of different caravan models to cater for all different customer requirements. Our caravans are built to the highest Australian standards ensuring they are compatible with the various conditions and terrains in Australia.


We pride ourselves on our customer service and after sales service.We offer a friendly informative place for you to find the caravan that fits your individual needs. We believe in making sure that you are comfortable with the purchase of your new caravan and are fully informed about everything relating to the use of your new caravan. No matter if you are a beginner or an expert, you will find a suitable caravan with us.


Our caravans offer excellent value for money when you add up all the features provided in the purchase price.


Our quality control measures ensure our customers receive only the best.
Hilltop Caravans Pty Ltd is fully accredited by RVMAP, the Caravan Industry Association and Australian Made.


Our caravans boast ample living space and clever storage allowing you to move freely. Enjoy the convenience of a full kitchen, shower, toilet, and spacious dining. Keep comfortable with air-conditioning, modern furniture and bedding.


Each of our models has a list of optional extras that improve the already impressive range of features which come standard with each caravan. Choose from several different floor plans that tailor the caravan to your specific requirements.


Our smart solutions have made the operations of your caravan effortless.


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Please use our contact form or drop us a direct email or phone call:

+61 8 9220 4468